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Storage Solution Haul for my Marie Kondo Goals on Shopee!

I’ve been trying to Marie Kondo my place since the beginning of this year and as we enter the end of the year, I’m still seeing cobwebs forming all over my stuff, perfect for the up and coming Halloween >.< One of the biggest problems I have identified for my #MarieKondoFail is the lack of organized storage and dedicated displays. However, heading to the malls to find the right storage solutions at an affordable price is too time consuming, and I often get distracted by other shopping thus creating even more clutter at home! Moreover, the thought of having to carry them back home made me unmotivated.

Here’s where Shopee came in. A friend shared screenshots of a few cute dustproof beauty organizers when I complained about the dust situation in Punggol a few months ago. I followed the link, added a few more items to cart and TADA! I got the situation below 😛 Read on till the end of the article for an exclusive promo code you can use on Shopee!

/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Dustproof Beauty Organizer/PA108476.jpg

The Shopee Experience

It’s easy to get started and get addicted to Shopee! I signed in using my mobile number and shopped seamlessly via their mobile app and on the laptop. You can also choose to sign in via Google or Facebook ID, super convenient! 

It is not unusual to find different merchants selling the same products. Other than special discounts and price factors, I also put seller ratings, number of ratings and buyers’ comments into my purchase considerations. This is because non-price factors such as the delivery speed, how well the product is packaged for protection and how true the product is compared to pictures will affect the overall product satisfaction.  Thus I might actually select a product that’s priced higher in exchange for less risk and more sense of security!

The best part about Shopee is their similar products recommendation where I started clicking and quickly found more storage and home organization solutions that I might otherwise miss. Definitely easier and beats shopping around the mall!

/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.53.32 AM.png
/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.53.12 AM.png

That said, with the seemingly endless choices of products on Shopee, I found myself distracted by other products that I didn’t actually need but wanted! I would suggest anyone who wants to Shopee to first set a budget and make a list of items that you need or set some shopping criteria so as not to spend hours and hours window surfing! Here’s my list of criteria:

  1. Total budget: $100
  2. Dust proofing storage solutions 
  3. Transparent so my products will not end up out of sight, out of mind!

With these 3 criteria, I landed with these purchases!

/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Dustproof Beauty Organizer/PA108493.jpg
/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Misc/PA108488 copy.jpg

All my products came well wrapped and boxed in tip-top condition! Excited MAX! In terms of delivery speed, I began receiving some of my products within 3 days while a few took up to 3 weeks, particularly products that are shipped in directly from overseas. There was also one item which I requested for a refund in the end as I was informed that the color I wanted was OOS, even though it is still stated in in-stock on their sales page. Oh well. Keep a lookout for your message inbox for that’s where sellers will be communicating with you! 

Let’s now dive into my purchases!

Egg Shape Dustproof Makeup Organizer

/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Dustproof Beauty Organizer/DBO1.jpg
/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Dustproof Beauty Organizer/DBO2.jpg

Introducing my new bedside vanity! I used to do my makeup and skincare routine in a separate room until recently, I found myself too tired and lazy to shuttle to and fro different rooms for my beauty needs. I have been contemplating on doing my skincare routine in my master bedroom, however, we have a very simple bedroom design that lacks a vanity area. My master bedroom also collects dust very quickly as the window is directly in the way of our estate’s air-well, often blowing lots of dust and pollution into the room! So when I saw this little space-baby (don’t you think it looks like a cute spaceship?), I knew we are meant to be! 

The design and colour fits my bedroom really well. It is also able to hold just the right number of products I need for my beauty routine with drawers to hold tube-like products that topples easily when placed standing. I placed cotton pads, cotton buds and other miscellaneous items in the other drawer. For the bottom drawer, I use it to hold my eye creams, hairbands, sheet masks and hand phone charger, keeping my belongings dust-free and my bedside table looking minimalistic and tidy!

When not using, I am able to close the lid and dust-proof my skincare, keeping them clean and hygienic. There is also a carrying handle at the top so that I can easily transport my little space-baby and my skincare products whenever and wherever I need! This is super convenient whenever I need to give my table a little wipe, no longer do I need to pick up my products one by one – just lift the whole unit!

Purchased price: $36.90
Item link: 

Acrylic Jewelry Storage Drawers with Tray Organizer

/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Jewelry Tray/JT1.jpg

I am sure many of you are like me, always fumbling for matching jewelry and accessories before rushing out of the house. Tangled necklaces, missing rings, couldn’t find that favorite hairclip – sounds relatable? Don’t worry I was like you too and I’ve found the perfect solution! 

My new acrylic jewelry organizer not only tidies up the act, it also lets me see everything at a glance so I can easily and quickly pick out what I need for the day! This acrylic organizer may be too small to fit all the accessories that I have, but we really do not always need to be picking from a huge collection. When rushing out of the house, having too many choices can mean an extra $5 Grab waiting charge 😛

The trick I find is to only display my favorite accessories, pick a couple more that I would like to rotate in and then include new accessories that I plan to wear. The rest can be packed away since it is unlikely that I will be wearing them anyway! 

/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Jewelry Tray/JT2.jpg

I also place my necklaces in this manner – pendant in one slot and the chain in the above slot. Doing this prevents the pendant and chain from tangling with one another so I do not have to solve puzzles each time I want to wear a necklace!

/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Jewelry Tray/PA138604.jpg

Purchased price: $21.80

Item link:

Acrylic Earring Display Stand Organizer Holder

If you are wondering where did all my earrings go, here they are! I’ve got a dedicated storage solution for my earrings and I personally think it’s fabulous! No more tangled dangling earrings, no more missing one side and I am able to see everything in a glance!

/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Earrings Display/ED1.jpg
/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Earrings Display/ED3.jpg
/Users/QiYun/Desktop/Shopee Blog Post/Earrings Display/ED2.jpg

It can even hold my clip on and furry earrings! The only downside to this storage solution is the acrylic gets scratched by the metal earrings pretty easily so I can expect the clarity of the acrylic to get blurrier over time. I guess that’s when I can start looking for a new earring holder!

Purchased price: $10.50

Item link:

Book of Earrings

While looking for earrings storage solutions, I got intrigued by this earrings book display found under similar products. Not a home storage solution in particular, but I figured I might need this when I go travelling? See what I mean when I said it’s easy to get distracted!



Chic, pretty and light enough for travel. Not sure if you have already noticed, most of my earrings are studs type as I do not have earholes and use a adaptable ear clip instead. However, this book is able to hold both studs and hook types of earrings, so no worries! While there are indeed many slots in the book to fit over 70 pairs of earrings, it becomes very bulky and hard to close. The earrings need to be strategically spaced out so that they do not get tangled or scratch each other and for the book to properly close. That said, the number of earrings it can neatly hold will definitely be enough for a vacation! Right now with no travel plans in mind, I am just using this as another storage ☺

Purchased price: $7.48
Item link:

I regretted not getting a travel jewelry box that can hold other accessories such as necklaces, rings and bracelets though. Found one which looks pretty good and has a high rating but I did not get it as it will burst my budget. Sharing the screenshot and link here so you can get it if you want!

Item link:

Mermaid Themed Hairclips (Lots of them!)


Here’s another ‘I got distracted purchase’! 

I chanced upon these pretty seashell hairclips while surfing through Shopee and remembered that I needed to get some mermaid themed items to complement a flatlay I was planning to create for my new Olivia Burton ‘Under the Sea’ watch. So I thought rather than just getting some pretty seashells which will then collect dust after I am done with the flatlay, these pretty hairclips can serve another useful purpose for my hair 😛 They are so beautiful and perfect for my blue and mermaid themed flatlay, don’t you think so too? The quality of these hairclips are comparable to the ones I get at Lovisa and other retail stores, just that they are way cheaper with more colors and designs too!

I made all my hairclips purchases from 1 seller so instead of giving the product item links, I am going to leave the seller link instead. Happy shopping!

Purchased price: $1.69 to $5.69
Total price: $14.17

Seller link:

Wooden Watch Collection Display

Saving the best for last!

For the longest time I have been wanting a dedicated display box for my growing watch collection but I couldn’t find any that’s suitable for my needs. The slots must be of good quality and not made of cheap flimsy cardboard or acrylic holders that tear and break easily. The exterior casing must allow me to see through so I can admire and select my watches with ease, yet, it must be something that is easy to clean as my place collects dust quite easily, so anything with leather or velvet casing is a big no no. 


To be honest when I chanced upon the above listing, I thought this might be a good purchase to temporarily hold my watches. The photos and reviews are great but I wanted to keep my expectations low since it’s only $15.40. I have seen some similar ones made with good quality wood polished wood exteriors and slots with velvet finishing selling above $100 in-stores, so I thought perhaps it’s just cheap plastic casing made to look like wood and the slots might not be well-made. Anyway, pictures can be deceiving right?



The case finishing is made with good quality polished wood and the slots are very well made with velvet finishing. Even the watch holder feels sturdy yet velvety soft to hold and protect my lovely watch collection! Aesthetically, there’s nothing to prick about. The gorgeously polished red wood and glass case just further elevates the beauty of my watch collection! I will definitely repurchase from the same stall again as my watch collection grows!

Purchased price: $15.40
Item link:

I think I’ve got the hang of Marie Kondo-ing, thanks to Shopee!

Total spent: $98.77

Till now I am amazed at how much I can achieve under a $100 budget and I felt that my vanity area has leveled up! 

  • My skincare area is now dust proofed 
  • I have more space on my bedside table
  • It’s now much easier to find my accessories
  • I have friends wow-ing over my watch collection and the gorgeous case

If you have the same home-organization problem, why not hop over to Shopee to take a look? You might just find something that will change your life! As promised, feel free to use my exclusive promo code, SHSQIYUN, for $7 off minimum $15 purchase! (For new users only, valid till 31 March 2020)

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