Cure Acne with ORBIS

I have spoken about my skin issues many times before but I have never actually shown publicly how bad my acne actually was. This is the first time I actually feel confident enough to release this set of pictures as they are now past wars, all thanks to ORBIS CLEAR Series! The set of images below was me just 2 years ago, right before I got acquainted with ORBIS.


During that time, I had recently moved into my new place where there was a lot of construction still going on around the area. The dust, change of environment and stress resulted in this major protest from my skin and I was desperate for a solution since my wedding photo-shoot was just a couple of months away. That also wasn’t my first time dealing with acne.

My skin has always been like ‘the land before time’, rough and full of angry volcanic acne. My battle with acne started since 2007 during my school days and like many acne sufferers, I’ve tried all sorts of remedies – facials, pills and a myriad of different products. While all these did help, there was no long-lasting solution – once the treatment stops, the problem comes back. Some of the products I was using as well as facials I went to were too expensive and the pills took a toll on my health as I suffered from burnt throat and other side effects.

Acne Treatments
Back then in July 2016 I felt beaten. Having fought a losing battle for 10 years, I was ready to give up. I was also reluctant to go out and attend events as my self-confidence hit an all-time low. I even told myself that I’m not fit to be called a beauty blogger! I almost did not attend the launch event of ORBIS store at Takashimaya, but I am glad I did and it turned out to be the turning point of my life!

During the event I was attached to a beauty advisor and was given an option to select 3 products. My issue was very obvious and it was clear that I needed the ORBIS CLEAR Series! I picked their starter kit comprising of ORBIS CLEAR Wash, CLEAR Lotion-M and CLEAR Moisture-M for combination skin type. I was won over by their minimalistic packaging and impressive accreditations – The series was developed after 25 years of skin science research and proven that 90% of users experienced clearer and healthier skin. I also did some research on my own, got to know about the skincare technology behind the series and decided to commit to using it.

Acne Treatments
Image credits to ORBIS.

Acne Treatments
Some of the notable ingredients include Gromwell Root Extract that increases the skin’s antimicrobial peptides and strengthens skin’s resistance against acne. The range also features Licorice Extracts that has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties that soothes skin and calm angry acne. Coix Seed Extract and Permeable Collagen then helps to renew skin and supply moisture, ensuring a heathier and well-balanced skin.

The results were shown all over my face. After using ORBIS CLEAR Series starter kit for merely 3 months, my acne got lesser and less angry. My usual facial therapist was the first to notice the difference and were surprised how fast the stubborn acne along my jawline were clearing up! My skin also started to heal better, became stronger and more resilient. The best-part, my skin was at it’s best behavior during my 2 weeks wedding photo-shoot in Romania and the photos were amazing!

Having seen major improvements to my skin, I gained trust in ORBIS and went on to try more products in the same range. The first item I got for myself is the ORBIS CLEAR Acne Spots, a targeted acne care product that works on specific areas of concern. It forms a membranous-fastening to protect the spot from external stimuli while healing it. The gel contains AC Oil Sensor Powder that absorbs excess oil and sebum while retaining moisture in skin so that the acne can heal better and faster. I use it on aggravated or broken acne and find that the healing process is sped-up and leaves minimal blemishes while healing.


As someone who wears makeup on a daily basis, I like the idea of combating acne even with my makeup on so I also invested in ORBIS CLEAR Day Care Base, an oil free primer that helps maintain skin hydration by encapsulating the skin with a breathable net-type veil. It contains the same acne-fighting ingredients Gromwell Root Extract and Licorice Extract and is perspiration and sebum resistant. It helps blur out imperfections and helps my makeup last much longer too!

I continued using ORBIS CLEAR Series for a year, having bought more bottles on my own before ORBIS released refill packs that were more affordable and environmental friendly. I was so confident of the range I even gifted some of my friends who had acne problems a 3-weeks trial set and they have converted to become ORBIS users! My skin had become less sensitive and even after I switched to use other products, my acne did not return immediately. Over the past 2 years, while I do get acne once in awhile, I am clear of major acne breakouts. Whenever I look back at past photos, I feel victorious! I still stand by a set of ORBIS CLEAR Series in case my skin gets rouge – I really trust the range and it works for me.

Cure Acne with ORBIS

Recently I did a ‘ask me anything’ question on Insta-story and many of you were curious about how I became a beauty blogger. I looking for a long-term solution for my acne and was trying out a lot of beauty products to alleviate or hide the problem. My Instagram account became a ‘products and thoughts’ record that subsequently gained more readers and spotlight. I hope that by sharing my story, it will give hope to ladies with similar issues or other skin problems like me. The most important attitude is to never give up and seek sustainable solutions. Watch my video interview here!

I would like to end off this blog post with a special invitation to ORBIS’s Acne Boot Camp where you can get the same 3-step Acne Care Starter Bundle at a special proce of $60 only (usual $74). If you are interested to find out and win ORBIS products that I am currently using, hop over to my Fab Summer Bag Giveaway where I have 5 x $121 worth of ORBIS products and more to giveaway!

Remember! Keep trying and you’ll be sure to find new skincare technology that works for you 🙂 Follow me on Instagram for my newest updates!

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