Cezanne UV Foundation EX Premium Review

Konnichiwa! CEZANNE Cosmetics is here in Singapore!

Wabi-sabi’ is a Japanese belief in understated beauty that exists in modest and imperfect aesthetics. In traditional Japanese aesthetics, ‘Wabi-sabi’ is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. From a more modern perspective, beauty can come in all shapes, sizes and colours. This, is just what CEZANNE believes in.

CEZANNE Cosmetics Singapore

On first impression, CEZANNE cosmetics eludes pure sweetness and clean simplicity with focus on natural make-up looks. Their products come in compact-size packaging, great for popping into the make-up bag and suitable for everyday use. With prices starting from S$12.90, they are one of the few affordable drugstore brands with Japanese-quality to boost! I have with me a stash of their new and latest spring/summer makeup collection to review and share, so stay with me till the end of the blog post for a giveaway! For this blog post, I aim to create a look with the Japanese ‘wabi-sabi’ philosophy.

Cezanne Make Keep Base Review

The basic building block of a good makeup is a base to protect your skin and prevent your foundation from sliding. While there are many types of makeup bases out in the market, I always reach out for one with mattifying properties to combat my oily combination skin and help my makeup last longer. It is no wonder that Cezanne Make Keep Base is highly raved as it keeps skin matte for at least 5 hours. I was quite surprised at how runny the product consistency was thus readers with large pore issues like me might want to top up with a pore minimizing primer to fill in your pores and prevent foundation from sinking in. The formula is also alcohol-free and has a brightening effect as a bonus.


Keeping the look natural and flaunting my natural skin texture the ‘wabi-sabi’ way, I am skipping foundation and moving straight into Cezanne Stretch Concealer to hide my dark eye rings and any distracting skin imperfections. I am also using a shade that’s 1 tone lighter than my natural skin color for a brightening effect in these areas too. It’s doe foot applicator makes application a breeze, even around small areas such as corners of the nose. It is high in coverage and dries quickly into a matte finish, so I would advise doing your concealing in parts and fast. When dried, the product does not smudge and works surprisingly well to minimize the look of enlarged pores! This is the perfect compensation and companion to Cezanne Make Keep Base.


I then finish off my makeup base with Cezanne UV Foundation EX Premium two-way cake. It can be used dry or wet, depending on your skin type. For dry skin type, it is recommended to use it wet while oily combination skin types like mine should use it dry. Personally, I do not like using my powder products wet as it may breed bacteria and cause breakouts to my sensitive skin. Using it dry, my skin tone is evened out and visibly brightened. It is buildable with medium to high coverage and I am pleasantly surprised by it’s sebum absorbing properties to remove excess sebum from the face. It is great for on-the-go touch ups and keeping skin shine-free all day long! Using this together with the Cezanne Make Keep Base, there is no need for liquid foundation and I can keep my skin matte for more than 8 hours!

Cezanne Make Keep Base Review

Now that we’ve got the base done, it’s time to add colors back to the face.  Using Cezanne Shading Stick in Matte Brown, I added contours to my nose and jawline to instantly remove weight and years off my face. The stick is a dream to use, gliding smoothly on the skin and creating natural-looking shadows. Be careful of flake offs at first use as the edges are soft and comes off easily. To prevent this, I would recommend running the edges along a soft tissue before using.

CEZANNE Cosmetics Singapore

Moving on to my favourite of the stash – Cezanne Mix Color Cheek in 01 Pink-toned and 10 Highlight. The Mix Color Cheek features a 4-color gradation with a mix of pearls (top 2 shades) and mattes (bottom 2 shades), so you can easily switch between a matte or a healthy glossy look. Colours can be mixed with a swirl or use them individually to create different looks. The powder is also finely milled, giving a soft and airy finishing. Applies light and can be built up to achieve your desired intensity. Do not throw away the brush provided! They are good quality brushes made with soft natural hair, one of the best in-case blush brushes I’ve encountered.

Each Colour Cheek comes with a highlighting shade so you might think there is no need to get a highlight powder. Wrong! Cezanne Mix Color Cheek in 10 Highlight is too pretty to miss! The glitters are more finely milled and you can mix the shades to achieve a warmer look (right 2 shades) or a cooler look (left 2 shades). Of course you can swirl all 4 colors for a neutral highlighting shade. Use it on the tip of the nose, cupid’s bow, brow bone and the highest portion of your cheek bone. The formula is also resistant to drying. The result: a soft and healthy looking sheen to your skin!

Cezanne Make Keep Base Review


For eyeshadows, I have with me the Cezanne Airily Touch Shadow in classic Beige-brown. The quad consists of 3 pearly shades (off-white, champagne beige, milk-chocolate brown in order of decreasing pearly effect) and 1 matte shade (deep brown) made with great quality you can expect from every Japanese-brand. The shades are well picked to complement each other, making it easy to achieve a natural looking gradation effect. The product contains organic moisturizers such as jojoba oil and olive oil thus it is resistant to dulling.

The colours swatch gentle with good colour payoff. They are buildable for you to achieve your desired eyeshadow look. I usually ditch the in-case brush and sponge tips that comes along with drugstore makeups but I am quite surprised at how I liked the tiny eyeshadow brush that came along with the Airily Touch Shadow quad. The brush features natural hair that’s soft and easy to use and a thin-tipped puff that’s specially created for the eyeshadow quad. In fact, there was no need for me to pick up another brush to create another look which you’ll see later 😉

CEZANNE Cosmetics Singapore

The most impressive product among the stash is the Cezanne Gokuboso Eyeliner R. Quite a mouthful and I am not too sure what’s up with the ‘R’ at the end except that this is the improved version of Gokuboso Eyeliner N. Gokuboso means ‘extremely thin’ and the eyeliner lived up to it’s name – it’s the thinnest brush pen type that still gives an ultra smooth drawing results. Just check out how I can draw really fine delicate lines and thicker lines by simply controlling my strength! The colour intensity is legit, no feathering, no dry ink blotches, just smooth on-going flowy lines. It is resistant to water, sweat and tears, yet easy to remove with warm water. Currently my new favourite eyeliner!

No eye-makeup is complete without giving your lashes some love. Cezanne’s Glamourlush Curl Mascara added length and volume to my lash. The straight-shaped brush lifts lashes and I managed to achieve some long-lasting curls even without using a eyelash curler (which I hate)! I prefer my lashes thick and a little clumpy so I habitually did 3 coats but you can avoid this by simply giving your lash a nice sleek coat. It still lengthens lashes beautifully without clumps. Cezanne’s Glamourlush Curl Mascara is water-proof, sweat-proof and sebum-proof so if you have oily eye-lids like me, give this a shot! Such mascaras are a dream to wear and a pain to remove though – it is so multi-proof I went through a total of 6 cotton pads with water-proof make-up remover to completely cleanse it away!

Cezanne Make Keep Base Review

Finally, I am finishing off my look with Cezanne’s Lasting Lip Color N. Here I have 2 shades, 205, an energetic coral pink that’ll flatter any skin tone and 301, an electrifying fuchsia that will make heads turn! There are a total of 12 shades in this range – for a Japanese drug-store brand, that’s a plenty! Here I am wearing shade 205. The lipstick swatch true to it’s colour from the tube with a little lip staining effect. It contains squalane and royal jelly extract, keeping my lips moisturized all day long! What’s truly amazing is the just-applied finish – my lip color continued to look freshly applied even after 5 hours! Definitely a keeper!

Cezanne Make Keep Base Review

Running through the products, I have created a day look that is suitable for work and play. To spice things up, I have slightly smoked out my eyeshadow by running shade number 4 (a matte deep brown) along my lash line and created the look of a deep-set crease by focusing the colour at the contours of my eye-socket with the sharp sponge-tip before blending it out slightly with the brush. I also extended my eyeliner and winged it. I then switched out my lip colour to Cezanne’s Lasting Lip Color N 301 and I am ready to hit the party!


Cezanne Singapore Launch Party

Speaking about party, Cezanne Singapore will be having a launch party at Bugis Junction Watsons on 23 June, 30 June, 7 July, 14 July 2018 (4 Saturdays) from 4pm to 6pm where there will be Make-Up Demonstration by special guests and 1 for 1 make-up exchange for the first 100 pax! Bring down your own old/used/empty primers/foundation/lipsticks to exchange it for a BRAND NEW CEZANNE PRODUCT! For more information, you can visit @cezannecosmeticssg on Instagram.


Here’s the list of products I have reviewed in this post and their prices in SGD.

Base Makeup

Make Keep Base Pink beige $15.9

UV Foundation EX Premium EX2 $21.9

Stretch Concealer 10 $15.9

Blush, Contour & Highlight

Mix Color Cheek 01 $17.9

Mix Color Cheek 10 $17.9

Shading Stick Matte Brown $15.9

Eye Makeup

Airy Touch Shadow 02 $17.9

Cezanne Gokuboso Eyeliner R $15.90

Glamourlush Curl Mascara Black $15.9


Lasting Lip Color N 301 $12.9

Lasting Lip Color N 205 $12.9



Cezanne UV Foundation EX Premium Review


Now 3 lucky readers will be walking away with a random selection of the items featured in this blog post worth more than $100 each!!! WOW!!!

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This giveaway is open to Singapore readers only and ends 28th June 2018!


I hope this makeup review and tutorial has been helpful to you! If you have any questions about the products mentioned here or any other Cezanne products not featured (I might have it too :P), feel free to comment or DM me on Instagram @qiyunz. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Instagram account! I post everyday! Talk soon!

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    Gokuboso means ‘extremely thin’ and the eyeliner lived up to it’s name – it’s the thinnest brush pen type that still gives an ultra smooth drawing results!!! Love it’s super fine and thin effect on my eyelid!

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    I hope to win this set from Cezanne as it would be my first time trying this much-raved J drugstore favourite! I’m glad Japanese drugstore brands are making a comeback in the makeup scene 🙂

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