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Summer is upon us and I’m staring down at those flabby tummy and thighs, head shaking. Definitely not gonna achieve the bikini-bod this year, neither do I feel like hitting the beach with them crutches sinking into the sand, so all’s good anyway! I’m happy to cut myself loose this year and wear all the summer party fun on my face instead ^.^ #selfcompassion

I am talking about By Terry’s Hippy Chic Summer 2018 Collection – The 1970s Ibiza inspired collection spills boho, hippie and carefree vibes, clothed in kaleidoscopic chevron covers while partying under the summer sun. Call me a daydreamer (dancing lipsticks and makeup palettes frolicking by the beach?!) but this is the imagery that forms in my mind whenever I set eyes on the collection!

By Terry Summer 2018 Singapore must know beauty blogger By Terry Sun Designer Palette Swatch & Review


The heart of the collection are the Sun Designer Palettes aptly named N°5 HIPPY CHIC and N°6 HAPPY SUN. As per previous years, each palette comes in 6 different shades of matte and satin finishes. Pick the colors as they are or mix them up, it’s your choice. The powders are finely milled and have a soft airy texture, a dream to work and blend to achieve which ever intensity your summer feels like 😉 The colors and varied finishings curated in each palette makes it suitable for eye-shadows, contouring and highlighting, a delight for me as I love multi-tasking palettes. Unlike previous years though, you’ll have to decide to forgo either a blush or a shading color if you decide to pick up only 1 palette. Can’t decide? Bring home both – the price drop (from S$119 to S$99) will help justify your case 😛

Singapore must know beauty blogger

By Terry Sun Designer Palette N°5 Hippy Chic is the bolder and more zesty of the two. On first impression, it’s an epic blush palette that’ll help you achieve that warm, sunny complexion. The right side of the palette sits the key blusher shades – a peachy coral matte shade, a slightly shimmery sunny orange and a matte fuchsia pink. With a good eye primer, you can also work these shades into your eyes for a fresh girly look. The left side of the palette sits the highlighting shades – a pretty pearly shade with a touch of pink, a shimmery rose gold and a matte pale pink. Accentuate key areas of your faces with these shades by applying them to your cheekbones, eyebrow bone, bridge of the nose and ze cupid’s bow. Of course, dab a little on the inner corners of your eyes or at the top of your eyelid to make your eyes pop!

Singapore must know beauty blogger

If the bronzed and sculpted look is your inner-summer goddess, By Terry Sun Designer Palette N°6 is your ‘Happy Sun’. The shades seem better categories in this case, with all the mattes on the right and satins on the left. On the right we have mostly the shading colours – a milk chocolate brown, a cool honey skin shade and a tanned peachy shade that is also your best bet as a blusher in this palette. The neutral matte chocolate brown takes good care of the nose contour while being versatile enough to take on a cooler or warmer hue by layering on the either the honey or tanned peach shades respectively. The highlighting shades sits on the left side – a light champagne beige, a café latte shade and a tanned golden shade, all shimmy shimmers. It’s a nude look’s paradise and certainly easy to work out a full face contour and eye-shadow with this palette! I can even imagine faking a six pack on my tummy with Happy Sun!



A Korean twist to this year’s collection, By Terry presents the faster way to ombré with 8 vibrant bi-chromatic Twist-On-Lip lipsticks. For peps getting tired of the dried out matte lip look, here comes your game-changer. These puckers glide on smooth and pigmented with a glossy-glam finish, effectively creating a plump & contour gradient lip look. The lipsticks are ultra-intuitive to use, simply twist and apply. In fact, you can achieve 6 varied results with just 1 lippy!


Singapore must know beauty blogger

The full list of shades are:

  1. Peach & Tangerine – peachy orange and cool pink
  2. Rose & Fuchsia – magenta and baby pink
  3. Pink & Plum – wine and warm pink
  4. Candy & Poppy – true red and hot pink
  5. Red & Wine – deep wine and bold red
  6. Nude & Burgundy – burgundy and dark nude
  7. Latte & Toffee – red-brown and pale nude
  8. Cream & Espresso – true brown and medium nude beige

The lipsticks are designed to be slim for precise application. I’ld also love to think that they are your little stick of hippy chic summer in ze makeup pouch.

Here are some looks I have created. Hippy Chic paired together with Rose & Fuchsia surprised me with a romantic girly look. It was easy to turn up the flame from there, switching out the matte fuchsia into the matte peach coral and changing the lips to No.5 Red & Wine. Happy Sun was a delight to use, effortlessly turning me into a highlight goddess!

BY TERRY TWIST-ON LIP Review Singapore must know beauty blogger

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post! The summer heat is getting onto us, just a 10 minutes cycle under the sweltering hot sun gets my shirt soaked in perspiration! In my next blog post, I will be sharing with you some summer skincare tips! See you soon!

Singapore must know beauty blogger

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