Silicon free sulphate free shampoo

KOSE Cosmeport Je l’aime Relax Soft & Moist review

Did you know? While silicon in shampoo gives our hair the illusion of shine, its side effects are bad for our hair in the long term. The rubber/ plastic-like components in silicon seals our hair against water and air, blocking out nutrients and choking hair follicles over time. Another serious fact – while Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) is a common foaming agent present in 90% of commercially available shampoos, it permeates the skin and washes away hair’s natural moisture, leading to premature shedding, clogged hair follicles and hair loss. As I set self-care and hair-loss prevention my goals for this year, I have been more careful than ever about the products I use on a daily basis. I had since switched to silicon-free and sulfate-free shampoo and hair care products that use botanical/natural ingredients.

Silicon free sulphate free shampoo


About KOSE Cosmeport Je l’aime

Now, silicon-free and sulfate-free shampoo with botanical ingredients are not easy to find in the market, so I was glad to be sent the Je l’aime Relax Soft & Moist trio of Hair Mask, Shampoo and Conditioner. I remembered the time when I first encountered KOSE Cosmeport, I was in an Airbnb in Tokyo. KOSE Cosmeport is a very well-known and popular brand in Japan and many of the toiletries provided were from the brand. I had a deep impression of the Je l’aime shampoo I used back then – it was so fragrant and made my hair silky and manageable. I was devastated that I didn’t lug any back home, as it KOSE Cosmeport was not available in Singapore back then in 2015! Made in Japan, KOSE Cosmeport finally made its way to Singapore drugstores Christmas 2017 and I am SOOOO HAPPY they have also brought along their bestselling Je l’aime line! Shampoo that is free from silicone, sulphate, mineral oil, alcohol and artificial colouring; we can all trust Japan’s quality to deliver only the best.

KOSE Cosmeport Je l’aime Relax Soft & Moist is the newest edition to their brand. Formulated with 90% plant / naturally derived ingredients, it is suited for people with stiff and hard hair. Stiff hair is caused when the protective layer of hair cuticles become unbalanced. This can be due to environmental factors and haircare mistakes. Je l’aime Relax Soft & Moist trio uses a mix of ingredients to help users achieve more supple and manageable hair.

KOSE Cosmeport Je l’aime Relax Soft & Moist


Je l’aime Relax Soft & Moist Shampoo

This shampoo is evidence that you do not need sulfate in your shampoo to create foam. I love foamy shampoos but more often than not, it dries out my hair leaving them wispy and brittle. Je l’aime Relax Soft & Moist Shampoo uses amino acid and succinic acid to create light and fluffy foam that do not strip hair and scalp of natural moisture. The product cares for hair cuticles while moisturising and repairing hair down to the core, resulting in smoother hair. It is also silicon-free, so we can say good bye to clogged hair follicles!


Je l’aime Relax Soft & Moist Treatment/ Conditioner

The formula contains Polyphenol derivative that concentrates itself on areas of cuticles where coating is thin, creating a protective coating with even thickness. This protective coating helps to repair and strengthen hair that is damaged by chemical treatments or environmental stress, resulting in hair that is smooth and soft over long term use.


Je l’aime Relax Soft & Moist Deep Treatment Hair Mask Famous SG Bogger

This hair mask contains two types of oil-based ingredients that coat hair evenly to give a soft and smooth surface. One of them is apricot kernel oil that is known to stimulate hair growth while starving off moisture loss. It contains good fatty acids that naturally nourish and keeps moisture in the hair. The other is Hydrogenated palm oil that gives the hair a gentle coating without weighing it down. This is a special care mask that can be used once or twice weekly in addition to our normal hair care routine.


The verdict

I usually do not have stiff hair, but my hair tends to stick out like a bird’s nest fern when dry and is a huge chore to manage. The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner, I was courted over by the sweet fruity fragrance that continued to linger on like hair perfume for the rest of the day. Even my husband couldn’t help it but mention ‘my head smells good’ – Quite arbitrary but oh well, you can’t trust a man to pinpoint where the smell comes from 😛 With just 2 weeks of using the range, I can already feel that my hair is more supple with lesser frays at the ends. My hair is also more manageable and I do not need to blow style my hair everyday. I used the treatment hair mask once a week but I honestly did not see major improvements in hair texture right after using it. This could be because I was using it incorrectly (I used it before shampoo, yes? no?) or because the shampoo and conditioner is already doing a fine job with vast improvements. Nonetheless, I will still continue using it because I find that the ‘perfume effect’ is stronger and lasts much longer on days I used it. I am also pretty convinced on the results it might deliver over long term use.

The NEW KOSE Cosmeport Je l’aime Relax Soft & Moist series is now available at Watsons. You can also follow @kosecosmeportsg and @jelaime_official for new launches and promotions.

All three products mentioned in this post was provided to me for my review consideration only. All research and opinions are honest reviews of my own. Follow me on Instagram, I update everyday!

Silicon free sulphate free shampoo

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