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FRESH Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask Review

Ever since I’ve embraced my 2018 theme of the year #selfcompassion, I found myself gravitating more towards campaigns that promote women empowerment, slow living and self care. It is no wonder that when I received the brief from FRESH Beauty about their #ReviveinFive campaign, I took it as a personal call to help share and encourage everyone to unwind by doing something that you enjoy while giving your skin a little pamper.

I’ld like to dub it a 5-minutes escape to radiant skin 😛

At the heart of the campaign is FRESH Beauty’s newly launched Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask. It’s a multi-benefit exfoliating mask that rescues, revives and recovers tired and stressed skin. True to what made the brand a cult favourite, much of it’s ingredients and products inspirations comes from nature. Lotus seeds, Kombu seaweed and red algae work to gently refine skin texture while it’s unique Super 7 Complex, a blend of skin-smoothing sea ingredients, lotus flower extract and lotus seeds hydrates and boost skin radiance.

Singapore top beauty bloggerFRESH Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask

The mask applies creamy and comforting. There is a light lingering scent to the mask, nothing artificial, almost like the smell you’ll get from a passing breeze while sitting in front of a lotus flower pond. Not trying to get all poetic here but the scent instantly brought be back to my Cambodia trip last year where I stayed with Cambana Suites. The boutique hotel was filled with lotus plants – we even had a soak in their stone bathtub filled with lovely little lotus flowers.

Singapore top beauty blogger

It’s magical reminiscing about travels 🙂 And 5 minutes is all you need for this mask to work it’s magic, though there is no issue leaving it on for half an hour (I tried, it does not dry up the skin). With the Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask on, I like to use it as a reminder that it’s also a good time to unwind and relax. Chat with a friend, read a book, or journal about things that makes you happy. Because skincare is also self-care, forcing you to slow down and take some time for yourself.

 FRESH Lotus ReviewSingapore top beauty blogger FRESH Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask FRESH Lotus Review

Before washing, I like to wet my hands and gently massage the mask into my skin. The fine red algae powder and lotus seeds gently exfoliates and removes dead skin. If you have very sensitive or broken skin, you can also choose to massage away the mask under running water. The result is instant. My skin is significantly smoother, visually radiant and clean. So is my soul 😉

I then move on to complete my skincare regime with FRESH’s Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence and FRESH’s Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream before applying my makeup. I’m all #RevivedinFive and ready for another well-focused and productive day!

Do you have a favourite FRESH product? Share with me, I would love to try it out too! Follow me on Instagram, I update everyday 🙂

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