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Sakura Matsuri in my Little Red Dress

Just 3 months ago I’ld be walking around clad in long sleeves and jeans, finding any chance to hobble myself under a thick warm blanket. Now as we quickly transit into the summer (and crazy weather mood swings in Singapore), short sleeves and dresses are my picks.

No matter how the season changes, RED always makes a statement. It’s a perfect colour that stays on trend given any occasion. Not to mention, March is International Women’s Day month where we saw many women (and men!) hitting the streets docked in red of various style and attitude. It’s little wonder that this Yume Sash Pencil Dress in Wine caught my eyes when it was launched in mid March!

Singapore Up and coming Fashion BloggerRed DressLittle Red Dress

Wine Red Dress: AforArcade
Long Demin Jacket: Joop Boutique/ Jovet
White Furry Earrings: Tao Bao
Pink Leather Heels: Lucca Vudor

This dress is full of character. It’s slim notched collar and knee-length relaxed pencil skirt makes you look sharp and chic for corporate meetings. It’s flared Kimono-esque sleeves, mimicking the now trending wrap dress, made it my perfect pick for a walk through Sakura Matsuri at Gardens by the Bay. The sash , made of the same quality material as the dress, helped me achieve a puffy and sturdy bowtie while accentuating my waist and overall figure. I chose a pair of nude pick heels to dress down for the weekends but you can also put on a pair of patent black stilettos to rule that office meeting.A classic deep red color means it’s easy to match with various denim washes. Here I threw on my long demin jacket with matching notched collar and big pockets that keeps me warm in the freezing cold flower dome.

Sakura parties are best enjoyed with love ones and I’ve got my arm-candy in a matching hue from AforArcade as well.

AforArcade Review


Here are 7 more similar red dresses that I have picked out. If you see any that you like, let me know in the comments!

AforArcade Review
Mid-Length V-Neck Red Skirt Dress from Lazada TaoBao Collection


Singapore Up and coming Fashion Blogger
Saffron Ruffle-Hem Midi Dress In Wine from The Editor’s Market


Little Red Dress
Rayon Wrap Front Short Sleeve Dress in Red from Uniqlo


AforArcade Review
Caret V-Kimono A-Line Work Dress In Wine Red from MeonMello


Singapore Up and coming Fashion Blogger
Wrap Neckline Dress in Red from Mango


Little Red Dress
Genly Asymmetrical Cascade Midi Dress in Red from LoveBonito


Singapore Up and coming Fashion Blogger
Three-quarter-length sleeve V-neck dress dresses in Red from Lazada TaoBao Collection

Singapore Up and coming Fashion Blogger

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

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